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Is The Masterclass Confidential?

Yes. You will not be asked why you are attending. Whether you are at the masterclass because you are thinking of selling your business, or you just want to find out more about increasing its value, no one will ask you that question. Your reasons for being there are your own and you will not be asked to discuss them. Who Should Attend the Masterclass? The masterclass is aimed at owners, directors and senior management. We will be discussing how to identify and implement actions within your business that require a senior level of authority.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn what impacts the value of a franchisor business including the nine drivers of equity value. You will learn some of the KPI's that are unique to a franchisor business. You will learn about the process which enables you to score your performance against those KPI's, what actions need to be taken as a result, how to build an action plan and how to implement that action plan over time to increase the value of your business.

Am I Just Coming to be Sold To?

No. Although what we will show you on the day does form the basis of our Value Builder service, what you will learn is the process by which any business can increase its value. Whether you take this information away and use it yourself or whether you ask for some outside support from us to help you achieve your goals, is entirely up to you.

What to Do Now

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