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The Value Builder Process

The franchise Value Builder process is unique. We have combined many years experience in developing high performing franchise systems with a leading edge IT system to produce a software lead process, unavailable anywhere else.

The process is in fact quite straight forward. Its success however, depends on turning thoughts into action. This is how we do it;

The system looks at the 80 KPI's that determine the performance of any franchisor business. Together we assess how your business scores for each KPI and an action for improvement is logged where required. At the end of the process a report is generated and crucially, a list of actions required to improve performance in specific areas.

The next step is to prioritise the actions and make someone responsible for each one. Through a series of review meetings progress is evaluated, the next phase of actions are allocated and the process continues. The process can be used once to identify and take action in the areas where the biggest immediate impact can be made or it can be used over the long term to go on improving performance and results – the choice is yours.

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