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Value Builder for Improving Franchisee Performance

It isn't just franchisor businesses that can reap the benefits of our Value Builder process.

In the same way that we have identified the 80 KPI's that make a franchisor business successful, you will know what makes your franchisees successful. We can build this knowledge into a model of high performance for your franchisees. The KPI's will represent the key areas of your franchise operating system and the process is exactly the same, only this time it is you scoring your franchisees against your own KPI's and you helping them to identify the areas where action is required to improve performance.

This is the most effective way to assess and improve franchisee performance and ultimately increase system wide revenues.

The process is impartial, franchisees not following the system are identified and the responsibility becomes theirs, as to whether they implement the required actions for improvement – they have nowhere to hide!

(Using Value Builder with your franchisees in this way would of course also increase the value and saleability of the franchisor business).

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