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Why Use the Value Builder?

Every owner or management team wants to improve the value of their business. Whether this is with a sale in mind, to generate better returns on an ongoing basis or to improve shareholder value, it is a priority.

But how do you do it? Is it a distinct project or a vague notion? Should someone in your business be responsible for it? What actions are required to achieve it and who should implement them? Unless you have clear answers to these questions, building the value of your business is only ever going to happen in a hap-hazard way.

The Value Builder process is about taking the chance out of this process, building it into a plan with measurable goals, achievable actions and a built-in review programme that ensures things get done.

The key to success is not to give yourself a mountain to climb, but to build the value of your business through a gradual, continuous series of small steps and to ask for a little outside support to help you identify what needs doing and make sure it gets done.

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